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College Women Teams (9 teams - 183 players)* Season: 2018-2019
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    Team Name (Division) Total Players*: 183 Type City County
    Eckerd Rugby Women (Division II) 37 15s St. Petersburg Pinellas
    FAU Rugby Women - Inactive (Division I) 0 15s Boca Raton Palm Beach
    Florida Gulf Coast U Women (Division II) 16 15s Estero Lee
    Florida Int U Women (Division II) 20 15s Miami Miami-Dade
    Florida State U Women (Division I) 33 15s Tallahassee Leon
    U Central Florida Women (Division I) 31 15s Orlando Orange
    U of Florida Women (Division I) 23 15s Gainesville Alachua
    U of Miami Women (Division II) 0 15s Miami Miami-Dade
    U of South Florida Women (Division I) 23 15s Tampa Hillsborough

*Number of people registered in the USA Rugby Public Roster. Includes coaches and admin staff. Source:

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