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Mark Hawkins appointed to the Potomac Rugby Union's HS Championships
Mark Hawkins has been appointed to the Potomac Rugby Union High School Tournament that will take place in Washington DC on April 12th & 13th. This is part of an exchange program with the Potomac Society of Rugby Football Referees. Last year Cisco Lopez attended this tournament. Congratulations to Mark.
Haylee Slaughter at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
Haylee was appointed as a referee at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens that took place on March 28th to 30. Congratulations!
Young Guns of Refereeing
I had the opportunity to watch Duncan Van Schalkwyk work the Premier Division finals at Savannah's 35 Annual St. Patricks' Day Rugby Tournament on March 9th.
Ross Devonport, to ref in Arizona 3.22.2014
Ross Devonport, (FRRA-Ft. Lauderdale) requested Gerry FitzGerald, V.P. Appointments, to reach out to his peers for an appointment to coincide with Ross' weekend visit to Andrea (wife) and family who have been in Arizona the past two weeks. Ross will work the Red Mountain @ Phoenix match Saturday, March 22nd.
Kahlil Harrison @ St. Patrick´s Day Rugby Tournament
Kahlil Harrison (FRRA-Orlando) was selected to participate in the 35th Annual St. Patricks's Day Rugby Tournament
FRRA Referee List
Auerbach, Brian (No info)
Aylor, Kyle (9)
Black, Sam (10)
Browning, Jason (8)
Buschman, Jason (No info)
Cagle, Stan (8)
Calmettes, Fabrice (9)
Campion, Ray (8)
Cavanaugh, Lance (10)
Ciampa, Tom (7)
Cohen, Neil (10)
Cox, Dean (No info)
Crumley, Gary (9)
Curtis, Gavin (C1)
Devonport, Ross (7)
Devonport, John (RC)
Dlugovitzky, Joaquin (No info)
Dobson, Allan (8)
Dovali , Ana-Paula (9)
Duncan, Matthew (No info)
Duval, Scott (7)
Ehle, Grace (No info)
Enos, Tim (No info)
Fagnani, Nicolas (No info)
Feehery, Kevin (10)
Fernandez, Pedro (10)
Ferraris, Gerard (9)
FitzGerald, Gerry (RC)
Glatte, Paul (No info)
Godoy, Gustavo (10)
Gomez, Michael (9)
Gomez-Miguel, Jose (9)
Gordon, Neil (9)
Gottlieb, Andrew (No info)
Gower, Chris (No info)
Haas, Terry (RC)
Haigh, Evan (9)
Handley, Ken (6)
Harrison, Kahlil (C1)
Hauser, Jethro (10)
Hawkins, Mark (6)
Hickey, Harold (9)
Hinckson, Ryan (No info)
Hols, Marissa (9)
Johnson, Randall (4)
Katsaounis, George (No info)
Keels, Will (10)
Kryns, Rocco (7)
Lawson, Alex (No info)
Leach, Rob (7)
Liu, Karen (10)
Lopez, Cisco (B)
Lopez, Alfredo (8)
Lopez, Francisco (8)
Marroquin, Richard (9)
Martinovic, Kye (7)
Martinovic , Mark (8)
McAuley, Kiel (9)
McCormick, Gary (No info)
Mellin, Brandon (10)
Monk, Roy (7)
Morris, Austin (10)
Nation, Gary (6)
Nelson, Sam (8)
Nevin, Mike 'Kiwi' (7)
O'Donnell, Pat (8)
O'Malley, Kerri (8)
Otero, Rod (10)
Page, Simon (RC)
Procopi, Eugeniu (No info)
Roehm, Chris (7)
Saulnier, Conner (No info)
Schiessl, Jason (9)
Schnegelberger, Dave (9)
Selden, John (RC)
Silver , Carlos (9)
Slaughter, Haylee (4)
Soileau, Bruce (9)
TBD, (No info)
Testero, Máximo (No info)
Titzer, Jess (No info)
Toro, Benjamin (No info)
Van Der Elst, Jean-Marie (9)
van Deventer, Kyle (8)
Walker, Ben (10)
Weiner, Lex (C1)
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