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To the Florida Rugby Community.

I have developed Rugby in Florida (rugbyfl.com)  for the past three years, pretty much on my own. During this time, I have supported every single segment of rugby in Florida: men, women, college boys and girls, high school, youth, referees, unions, clubs, teams, events, tournaments and so on.  Even a bunch of GoFundMe's.

At this time, in order to be able to continue my work and improve it for all Florida rugby, I need some financial support. And who better to provide it than the Florida rugby community as a whole. 

This campaign will end July 31st and is aimed to cover the period between August and December 2015. Another campaign will be launched in December for the other half of the season.

The $5000 goal will allow the site to continue to provide all the services that you already know, and add some new ones. This goal translates to 32 cents per registered player per month. Not much, right? 

Thanks for your support. I hope we can continue to have the best website for rugby in the USA.

The link is http://www.gofundme.com/rugbyfl

--Carlos "Charlee Velázquez

F E A T U R E D   V I D E O S
Rugby in Florida | Phoenix W vs Orlando W
Women's final for the Southern Sevens Qualifiers Played on 7/18/2015
Game Schedule*
No games have been reported for this weekend. If this is an error, please let us know about your game.
O'Neills Rugby
What is going on? News & Articles
Sevens Overview
This article is just a quick overview on how the FRU's Sevens Season is structured.
6/7/2015 7:15:04 PM
High School Swami
High School Swami predictions for the Finals - 4.25.2015
The best season ever for Florida High Schools ends tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th as the finals are decided in the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.
4/24/2015 1:49:26 PM
Florida Rugby Youth Union
Florida State Championships
One more day until the big Tournament. Results will be posted as they occur on our Facebook page.
4/24/2015 10:39:53 AM
High School Swami
HS Swami predictions for April 18th, 2015 - HS Semifinals
Playoffs! Have you seen the Goff Rugby National High School Rankings? Orlando, Naples, Daytona, and Riviera Beach are all in the top 20. Some scoff and say it is one guy’s opinion. Swami agrees but Alex is arguably the most knowledgeable journalist there is on the topic of High School (and College Rugby) in the USA. So, it matters. And these teams are deserving of the recognition. Time for the playoff picks!
4/15/2015 8:54:33 PM
High School Swami
Swami HS Predictions for April 11th, 2015
It has been a great season for High School Rugby in Florida. There have been some ups and downs and we lost several school based programs over the years. But the HS and youth games in our state have never been stronger. The future is exciting as more and more coaches get involved to bring the game to more and more young men and women.
4/9/2015 3:14:27 PM
Florida Sevens VIdeos
Florida News
Players in Florida
Players for each team can be viewed on the teams page.
Category Players*
College Men 615
College Women 354
Senior Men 972
Senior Women 145
High School Boys 583
High School Girls 79
Youth (< HS) 342
Total Players 3124
*Players that have been CIPP registered at USA Rugby. Includes coaches and officers.
Florida Ruggers
Business Network
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Freedom Business Advisors
O'Neill's Rugby Customized Rugby Apparel
Roper Plumbing Inc
Ross Devonport, Freelance Writer/Editor
Ref, can I ask you a question?
Who hasn't had a question for the referee during the game. Well, here are some answers from them. Not only about the game
Keith Pereira (12/23/2014)
Richard Hessler (12/11/2014)
Kenny Handley (12/11/2014)
Lex Weiner (10/6/2014)
Cisco Lopez (4/11/2014)
Ross Devonport (8/13/2013)
Gerry FitzGerald (8/11/2013)
Mark Ferguson (2/22/2013)
Roy Monk (2/15/2013)
Jason Nimark (12/18/2012)
Harold Hickey (12/7/2012)
Yusef Johnson (12/3/2012)
Chris Roehm (9/8/2012)
John Fiore (9/6/2012)
Craig Kartiganer (9/5/2012)
David Metcalfe (9/3/2012)
David Hedges (9/3/2012)
Michael Kennedy (9/2/2012)
Jeremy Brown (9/2/2012)
Brian Richardson (8/30/2012)
Rocco Kryns (8/29/2012)
Mark Hawkins (8/27/2012)
Haylee Slaughter (8/27/2012)
Tournaments & Events
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Saturday, August 01, 2015
2015 Beerfoot 7s
Saturday, November 07, 2015
All Florida Day 2015
O'Neills Rugby
2015-16 Season's
Championships (6)
This is the list of current championships we are following in Florida. Click for details.
  Orange Cup
  FRU Women DII
  Men's Florida Cup 2015
  SIRC South 2015
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A Begginer's Guide to Rugby Union
Begginers Guide to Rugby Union
Florida Youth Rugby Union
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