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The Sideline Whisperer (72)
Predictions & Rants on Florida Rugby
Predictions for 2.25.2023
Pending intro commentary.
2/23/2023 10:23:06 AM
Predictions for 2/18/2023
Once again I went 1/3 in the college men's games. Called a 1 point game for the FSU/FIU game so chalking that one up as a moral victory. Boca came through and picked up a win on the road against a quality Tampa team. Orlando almost picked up a road dub, wish I could watch that match! Clean sweep of D4 and high school matches this week. Let's see if I can keep the momentum going in those divisions. I went nuts when I saw the Daytona score. Hats off to them on their first win since moving up this year. It sounds like Sarasota is really trying to turn around their culture. I only go based off of what I see and hear so film AND post your matches if you want to showcase your product! Until then, if you don't like it, do better!
2/16/2023 2:11:06 PM
Predictions for 2/11/2023
How the Darts Landed Week 2 (10-7) Overall (15-10).

Two big scoring games in the men’s college division with my picks being on the receiving end of the barrage. USF-UNF was a foregone conclusion, almost. Men’s D2 had the most surprises with a tie and Pelicans knocking off an undefeated Tridents. D4 shook out as expected, and one of my D3 picks was wrong because I guess I needed to light a fire under the rear end of the club located in the largest city in the state. I hope you all enjoy the commentary. It’s meant to be fun and it’s based on what I can see. If you don’t like it, do better!
2/9/2023 2:18:05 PM
Predictions for the Florida Finals - 4.21.2018
So, the man has decided to predict all 4 mayor finals for this weekend. Well, maybe he was feeling bad for not predicting the semifinals, so here is something for everybody! May the best teams win!
4/20/2018 7:00:50 AM
Predictions for March 24, 2018
Last regular date for Men's D2 and D3. Final positions will be decided this weekend for the playoffs.
3/21/2018 4:01:37 PM
Predictions for March 17, 2018
Just two rounds to go for the mens before the playoffs. After this weekend we will probably have a clear idea of who will be advancing.
3/16/2018 3:32:54 PM
Predictions for March 10, 2018
The SW was a little late this week, but the predictions are finally in. With only three rounds to go, this is crunch time for a few teams, specially in D2.
3/9/2018 7:12:08 AM
Predictions for March 3, 2018
Well, so much for me doing women’s games. Hope you enjoyed my brief foray into that side of things, but I guess some people take this column FAR too seriously. Maybe dismal was the wrong word, but this is meant to be some light-hearted entertainment, folks, not a serious piece of journalism. If you have enough free time to get this angry over something frivolous like this, find a hobby. --SW
3/2/2018 8:14:11 AM
Predictions for February 24, 2018
A few crucial games this weekend to be played across the state. Let´s see if the man can keep his percentage strong. You can email The Sideline Whisperer at sw@rugbyfl.com or leave your comment on our Facebook page. This post will be pinned untill next week.
2/21/2018 7:54:26 PM
Predictions for February 17, 2018
Due to the new format for D2, a decisive weekend is coming up that will determine the fate of a few teams for the rest of the season. Also, some tough games to predict in the D3 league, including the game between leaders, Gainesville and Palm Beach.
2/14/2018 1:32:19 PM
Predictions for February 10, 2018
The man is back! Took some effort and getting a sponsor, but let's leave all that behind and now and enjoy his predictions. We have also added the Women D2 to the mix. So, welcome ladies! Special thanks to the FIU Rugby Alumni for their sponsorship. They are raising awareness for the FIU Rugby College Fund. You may donate to their fund on this page. A final note as this is something that seems to be confusing. I am not the Sideline Whisperer! I just don't have what it takes to come up with these predictions. It doesn't matter who it is. At the end of day, it's all for fun and to add some excitement to our competitions. Enjoy! Carlos 'Charlee' Velázquez Rugby in Florida Owner.
2/6/2018 2:53:30 PM
Predictions for 1.21.2017
Sorry about last week, loyal readers. I was a little under the weather, and not from an illegal high tackle that would now perhaps produce a yellow or red card. Get low, folks!
1/20/2017 2:09:03 PM
Predictions for 12.10.2016
As we approach the holiday season, I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy kwanzaa and of course, a great festivus. No matter what you celebrate, we all really pray to the oval ball and the joy it brings us, no matter our color, age, sex, orientation or whatever. Rugby is our true religion!
12/9/2016 9:29:49 AM
Predictions for December 3
Another year, another rugby season in sunny Florida. It was 80 degrees with 85% humidity here this morning, miserable. Not exactly the kind of December weather that gets one in the mood for the holiday season, or the rugby season. But, it's been a while since we've had some proper competitive 15s action in the Sunshine State, so any meaningful rugby is a good thing.
12/1/2016 7:18:52 PM
Kick off to the 2016-17 season
Dear readers, while there is one D2 game this weekend, I'm considering the real start of the season to be Dec. 3, when we have three games. So no season preview this week. Enjoy stuffing your face with turkey and carbs, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks. --SW
11/16/2016 1:52:09 PM
All the hard work has led to this: The Playoffs. An old, successful regular season ends, and a new knockout season ends. Well, sort of. Those who win this week in the men's D2 and D3 playoffs will move on, and will actually be guaranteed two more games, regardless if they lose on April 16 on Championship Saturday in Wellington. Of course, everyone wants to be state champions and host a first-round playoff game, so losing is not on anyone's mind at the moment. Win, or go home this weekend, simple as that.
4/1/2016 8:44:16 PM
Predictions for 3/12/2016
Before I get into my analysis of what is sort of the last week of the season, I want to apologize for my lack of an article last week. I was a little under the weather to say the least, but I'm feeling much more above the weather this week....well, enough to write this piece of junk anyway. Good luck to all the teams playing for something this weekend!
3/10/2016 10:19:27 PM
Predictions for 2/27/2016
After a great weekend of Ruggerfest and USA/Chile down in Fort Lauderdale, it's back to the action in D2 and D3 this Saturday, with plenty of intriguing matchups.
2/25/2016 6:33:14 PM
Predictions for 2/13/2016
Crunch time. Why is it called that? I have no clue. Anyway, we're there in D2. Even though some teams have three games left, others have four, and a couple even have five games still to play, this is what those weird Brits call "squeaky bum" time. No idea why they call it that either.
2/4/2016 5:22:58 PM
Predictions for 2/6/2016
Note from Editor: No intro this week. I guess the guy was too busy or not inspired enough. But, we still have the predictions, that what matters!
2/4/2016 5:22:06 PM
Predictions for 1/30/2016
Yes, it was a little cold last weekend in the world of Florida rugby, but at least we didn't face Jonah or Snowzilla or whatever you want to call it.
1/28/2016 5:28:24 PM
Predictions for 1/23/2016
Ready for some chilly rugby in Florida? The high in Daytona for Saturday's game between the Coconuts and Indian River is only supposed to be 51 degrees. You thought knock-ons were frequent when it's warm down here? Just wait until this weekend. Unless of course Daytona forfeits again after not taking enough to Gainesville last week to field a full team. Always a good way to start to the season, that.
1/21/2016 12:40:33 PM
Predictions for 1/16/2016
As you can guess, I didn't win the Powerball jackpot. Thus, I'm back here once again. Someone in Melbourne Beach did win $300 million, however, so hopefully it was a member of Indian River or Brevard rugby clubs! That would buy a lot of rugby balls...
1/14/2016 1:55:19 PM
Predictions for 1/9/2016
Happy New Year to all of my loyal followers. The rest of you, well, I hope you last to see 2017! Maybe by then you'll have jumped on my bandwagon.
1/8/2016 3:47:12 PM
Predictions for 12/19/2015
Remember in last week's column when I mentioned how hard it is to repeat as champions? I also said the Tridents would make the playoffs. Of course, I then predicted Orlando would beat the Tridents last week. Boy, was I wrong.
12/17/2015 7:04:30 PM
Florida Men´s Division II inaugural games
Ahhhh, it feels so good to be back.
For a minute there, I thought I might have to take a season off as the future of this web site was in major doubt, but thankfully some nice people came through to help Charlee Velázquez, the guy who makes this great online place for Florida ruggers happen. If there is anyone who does more for the sport in this state than Charlee, I don't know them yet.
12/10/2015 12:04:00 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 28th.
Feels good sometimes to bask in the glory! Gift Time tried his best with our challenge last week, but then I went 8-0. Just call me Kentucky until tomorrow. With all playoff spots in both divisions pretty much sewn up, barring something ridiculous happening, gonna be short and sweet this week. It's been a long season.
3/27/2015 11:31:52 AM
Predictions for March 21, 2015 - Special Edition
Special edition of the predictions for Senior Men for this weekend. We will have side-by-side predictions of the Division II games from our own Sideline Whisperer and from Gift Egbelu from the Gift-Time Rugby Network. (www.GiftTimeRugby.com). It's on!
3/18/2015 6:21:16 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 7th, 2015
With only a few games remaining in the regular season, The Sideline Whisperer takes a look at this weekend's great and not-so-great matchups.
Picture by Angie Pachcinski.
3/5/2015 5:30:30 PM
Predictions for February 28th, 2015
I hope you are all sufficiently sunburnt after Vegas and Ruggerfest. While I didn't get to visit Sin City this year, I did get to watch some action in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, and saw some great high-level rugby that isn't usually showcased in this state of ours. The visitors from Argentina, Alumni RFC, were the real deal, and showed just how further Florida rugby still has to come. Now we get into the stretch run of the season, with both D2 and D3 having games scheduled for four of the next five weekends, finishing up on March 28.
2/26/2015 4:57:45 PM
Predictions for Saturday, February 14th
Just one recheduled game this weekend for Division II.
2/12/2015 12:34:03 PM
Predictions for February 7th. 2015
Man, February is a busy month for rugby. We've got the USA 7s in Vegas next weekend (will it be the last?), and then the rejuvenated Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest on the 21st-22nd. And, are you sitting down? We have D3 back in action this week after a two-month hiatus! Partner that with high school and youth rugby now in full swing and things are insane in this second month of the year.
2/5/2015 5:18:13 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 31st., 2015
Rivalries. They are an integral part of sports and one of the most fun, or most stressful, depending on what kind of fan you are. When it comes to Florida D2 rugby at this time, there are three main rivalries. While Tampa and Orlando have a solid mid-state rivalry, they've already played twice this season, with the Griffins coming out on top twice. Thus, this week we have the two most bitter men's rugby rivalries in the state taking place, with Fort Lauderdale hosting Boca Raton and Miami Tridents hosting Miami RFC. If you don't get out much in South Florida to see rugby, make this weekend the time to do it. You won't regret it.
And don't forget to email me with your own ramblings at sidelinewhisperer@rugbyfl.com
1/29/2015 6:15:31 PM
Prediction for Saturday, January 24th, 2015
No one's perfect. Well, occasionally my picks are, but it's rare and really not much of a reflection on me. More, it's the teams taking care of business on the field as I expect them to.
1/24/2015 2:56:07 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 17th.
In my preseason D2 predictions, I had South Florida teams in my top three spots. Last week showed me I wasn't a total idiot doing that as all four sides from the area won their games, three of them VERY convincingly. Of course, this area has the highest population concentration, and as such should produce quality rugby year after year, but there are four teams within an hour of each other, including two within a stone's throw, so the talent does get thinned out on occasion.
1/16/2015 8:53:28 AM
Predictions for January 10th, 2015
Happy new year to all 14 of my loyal readers! I hope you behaved yourselves impeccably over the break and didn't eat yourself from a sleek wing into a lumbering second row over the space of two weeks. D2 gets back into action this Saturday, while D3 continues to sit in the middle of their insane mid-season break. Will D3 players even remember the laws once they get back on the field in February? Questionable. Thanks, scheduler!
1/8/2015 9:59:45 AM
Predictions for Satuday, December 13th, 2014
Love me or hate me, I do this column for you guys, the rugby community of Florida. I do it just to get you guys fired up, commenting, talking, or simply visiting this great website that Charlee Velazquez put together three seasons ago to fill a void that wasn't being filled by the Florida Rugby Union. We're not just a "third party site", as some people might refer to us as. We are the must-visit site for all things Florida rugby and will continue to be, no matter what the haters might think.
12/11/2014 10:37:52 AM
Predictions for Saturday, December 6th, 2014
How does one know it's December in Florida? Well, other than the temperatures dropping just slightly below Hades and the roads being plagued with those nasty white and blue Quebec license plates (is Je Me Souviens French for I can't drive particularly well?), we know December is here because men's senior rugby is finally in full swing!
12/4/2014 1:32:31 PM
Predictions for November 22nd, 2014
Well, it didn't take long for the D3 world to be shaken up, did it? And D2, come to think of it. Picture by Angie Pachcinski
11/21/2014 11:18:25 AM
Predictions for November 15th.
Sorry for the delay this week, people. Sideline Whisperer just sometimes can't get away from his job involving national security to write this column. The safety of the nation comes before rugby, unfortunately!
11/13/2014 11:08:12 AM
Predictions for Saturday, November 8th.
What an interesting month in rugby October was. After going 4-0 in my opening weekend of the 18th. I decided against going to All Florida Weekend, and boy am I glad I made that decision. Only six of the 17 men's teams in the state showed up, so I wouldn't have got to do much scouting. And one of those teams was Tallahassee, who are in their first year as members of the FRU! Props to them for making the trip. Pathetic showing if you ask me, and it's clear the union has to do something to get the event back on track. No point in calling it ALL Florida Weekend if less than 50 percent of the men's teams are going to show up.
11/6/2014 4:02:50 PM
Predictions for Saturday, October 18th 2014
Like a bear emerging from hibernation after months of napping, the SW is rubbing his eyes and wondering why he's up after such a glorious rest.
10/17/2014 10:50:30 AM
State Finals D2/D3 Predictions
Well, folks, as another season of Florida rugby comes to a close, I would like to thank you all for reading the Sideline Whisperer. I do this column for fun and to get people talking, and I hope some of you even got some motivation and/or laughs from my very amateur insight.
4/11/2014 10:48:44 PM
Florida Rugby Union Men´s D2 & D3 Playoffs
There's nothing quite like the playoffs in sports. The thrill of knockout competition - knowing that a loss will end your season, but a win would extend it for at least one more game. Underdogs are ready to cause upsets, while favorites want to prove their regular season success was no fluke. And you can't deny that the level of rugby takes a step up when this much is on the line.
Note from the publisher: The Sideline Whisperer is a member of our Florida Rugby Community who will remain anonymous.
4/2/2014 4:04:34 PM
Predictions for March 22nd, 2014 and playoffs scenarios
Hallelujah! The final week of the regular season is finally upon us! For some, this 2013-14 campaign will have seemed extremely long, while others will be wishing they could play more rugby. Luckily, with the playoffs just around the corner, some teams will play some extra games, while most teams will be ending their season on Saturday.
3/19/2014 3:51:45 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 15th. 2014
The playoff picture cleared up significantly last week in D2, with Boca and Fort Lauderdale both clinching postseason spots with wins over Krewe and Miami Tridents, respectively. All that's left to play for now is the fourth playoff position, and overall seeding.
3/12/2014 9:56:21 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 8th. 2014
Every year we have seem to have one strange Saturday in D2 matrix play. Last week was clearly it.
3/7/2014 5:13:28 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 1st. 2014
With about a month left in men's D2 and D3 regular season play, we're really coming down to crunch time in both divisions as teams either look to secure a playoff spot, try to get into a playoff spot or just play spoiler. Let's take a look at where each competition stands.
2/28/2014 11:35:07 AM
Predictions for Saturday, February 22nd., 2014
A quiet week on the matrix front coming up, as Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest is in full effect. If you're joining in the fun in Sunrise, enjoy and make sure to wear that sunscreen.
2/20/2014 5:12:06 PM
Predictions for Saturday, February 15th, 2014
Sorry for the delay this week. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of rugby. But it's always temporary!
2/14/2014 9:53:20 AM
Predictions for Saturday, February 8th., 2014
Oh, if only you'd taken my six rugby picks last week instead of the Broncos! Yup, managed to pick up my first undefeated week of the season, going 6-0. A few of the games could have gone either way, and I count myself lucky to have come through unscathed.
2/7/2014 8:58:27 AM
Predictions for Saturday, February 1st., 2014
There's some football game on Sunday, but forget about those pansies in pads. Instead, let's focus on a massive weekend of Florida rugby featuring some superb local rivalries. Oh, and don't forget the Six Nations starting with Wales playing Italy and France hosting England on Saturday, and Ireland/Scotland on Sunday. Had another solid week of predictions last time out, so going to try and keep my form going, although this is an especially tough week.
1/30/2014 9:00:32 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 25th, 2014
If Justin Bieber was a rugby player, he'd clearly be a wing, right? Anyway, there are a lot more important things than an idiot celebrity to worry about here, and that includes the six men's games on tap for this Saturday afternoon.
1/23/2014 7:54:25 PM
Predictions for the Weekend of 1/18/2014
Happy New Year to all of my (many?) loyal readers out there. I hope 2014 has been good to you so far and that you players out there didn't put on too many pounds over the holiday break.
1/15/2014 2:55:59 PM
Weekend of November 23rd, 2013
If the 305 keeps this up, Pitbull might have to drop by soon. Miami RFC and the Tridents both won last week, each maintaining their unbeaten start to the 2013-14 season, bringing back memories for many South Florida ruggers from when Miami-Dade was consistently home to some of the best rugby in the state.
11/21/2013 9:07:31 PM
Weekend of November 16th, 2013
Like Naples and Miami, I got my season off to a good start last week, going 2-1, with only the Hammerheads ruining my perfect Saturday. Krewe did look a little rough at times during All-Florida Weekend, and I guess I should have taken that a little more into account.

Still, it's early, and both myself and the 2010 Division Two national champions have plenty of time to bounce back, starting with this weekend.
11/14/2013 11:14:41 PM
I am back! Weekend of November 9th. 2013
The schedule has been set, the preseason preparations completed and the friendly warmup games played. Now, it's time for the men's 2013/14 Florida Rugby Union season to officially begin, and for the Sideline Whisperer to make his predictions once again.
11/8/2013 10:13:33 AM
Say it in your best Jim Mora voice: PLAYOFFS!?!? Yup, it’s that time of year in the USA Rugby realm (almost there in U-19s), when the games really, really, really count. As in, you lose, you go home. So, who from Florida is playing who and when, you might ask? Well, the Sideline Whisperer is here to help. No predictions here, obviously, as I have no clue about the out-of-state teams who are playing our Florida teams this weekend.

Photo credit: Facundo Manuel Fabbri
4/12/2013 2:32:26 AM
Predictions for Saturday, March 9th, 2013
Well, it's taken a few months, but I think I've finally figured out how they're choosing the two D2 teams to represent Florida in the postseason. I stress the word THINK. With this weekend's final crossover games set, there is some movement that could happen, but is a little unlikely. It appears Naples will be the one seed, Boca the two, Orlando the three, and Krewe the four. Thus, Naples will play Boca, with the winner automatically reaching the postseason. The loser of that match would play the winner of Orlando/Krewe for the second spot in the postseason. Then, the top two seeds would play off for the right to stay at home in the South round of eight. Phew. You got all that? Good. Now, on to this week's action:

Photo credit: Facundo Manuel Fabbri
3/7/2013 9:24:07 PM
Predictions for Saturday, March 2nd, 2013
I hope you all enjoyed your Ruggerfest weekend off. Sorry for the delay in this column, I simply forgot about it after getting two days of hot sun to the head in Fort Lauderdale. Well done to the Fort Lauderdale guys for making the club final, where they lost to a bunch of pasty guys from Minnesota who surely hadn't seen 80 degrees in at least six months. Miami RFC also had a good showing in the club division, while Boca Raton showed that their decision to drop to D2 was probably a good one, as they went 0-3 in the Premiere Division, including a 53-0 loss to New Orleans. Now, we get back to business with the last weekend of the crossover in D2 that features two quality contests, and a HUUUGGEE match in Division 3, as they wrap up their regular season. Photo credit: Facundo Manuel Fabbri
2/28/2013 7:10:32 PM
Predictions for Saturday, February 16th, 2013
When I started writing this column, I thought it would be cool if I maybe got one team's score exactly right at some point in the season. Never did I think I would get a full score EXACTLY right! Thanks to Boca and Daytona for obviously reading my column last week and making sure I had something to smile about the whole weekend. On the other hand, no thanks to Fort Lauderdale and Pelicans for taking away two of my games (no, I'm not counting a forfeit win as a correct pick). At least things are a lot clearer now in regards to the teams in the race fot the D2 postseason. So, on to this Saturday, where we have a few interesting matchups. Photo credit: Facundo Manuel Fabbri
2/12/2013 9:54:29 PM
Predictions for Saturday, February 9th, 2013
After three months of playing divisional matchups, it's time for the D2 divisions to spread their wings and play some crossover games starting this weekend. From what I hear through the grapevine, it appears that the Bay Area Pelicans have called it a season due to injuries, and will not be participating. What that means for everyone else, I'm not sure exactly, but the Pelis were in no danger of making the postseason, so let's not concern ourselves too much with them. Instead, let's focus on the task at hand - this Saturday. As to what happens after these crossover games, who the hell knows....

Photo Credit: Angie Pachcinski.
2/7/2013 11:29:02 AM
Predictions for Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Sorry for the delay this week, peeps. I only just got out of bed after hiding out for many days following my two incorrect picks last Saturday. Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb, and I will learn from my mistake. This week, we have a very brief schedule, as this was originally an open makeup weekend. We do have a very key D2 contest in the northeast corner of the state, though.

Picture by Facundo Manuel Fabbri.
2/1/2013 2:06:50 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 26th, 2013
As the old (and awful) joke goes, I'm like butter at the moment, as I'm on a roll. 5-1 last week, including picking the Daytona over Krewe upset, but failing to pick the Jacksonville win over Orlando. That makes me 14-2 in 2013 so far, and I'm picking at a solid near 72% on the season. Come on Vegas, are you listening?!?! We need Florida rugby odds, and I'd be quite happy to provide the lines (for a small fee, of course). This week we have some interesting games on the table, including a HUGE D3 contest, so let's get going.
1/23/2013 9:54:33 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 19th, 2013
I'm liking 2013! Last time out, I was only a couple of points away from a second straight perfect week to start this new calendar year. However, I have a feeling things could get a LOT tougher this week with several potential upsets on the cards as some of the better teams in Division 2 go on the road to face difficult matchups. Still, let's see if I can't keep this hot start up.

Photo Credit: Angie Pachcinski.
1/17/2013 6:20:51 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 12th, 2013
Twenty thirteen, or two thousand and thirteen? Well, whatever you want to call it, the Sideline Whisperer got off to a good start to the year last week with a 3-0 start and a couple of very close score predictions. I know I won't be going undefeated all year by any means, but it's nice to get things off on the right foot in a year that ends in the unluckiest number
1/10/2013 12:01:05 PM
Predictions for Saturday, January 5th, 2013
Happy New Year to all, especially the few of you out there who seem to think the rugby season begins on Jan. 1 in Florida (you know who you are).
1/4/2013 1:18:04 PM
Predictions for Saturday, December 15th, 2012
It's Thursday, and I think I've finally recovered from last Saturday's results. We had some strange ones, didn't we? Tridents went across the state and handed Naples their first defeat of the season in what looked like terrible conditions from the video we have on the site, while Brevard demolished Gainesville 66-0 and Daytona picked up their first win of the season as they hammered Jacksonville 81-5. Not sure what went on in all those games, but three results that prove anything can happen on any given day in Florida Rugby! Let's try and rebound this week, where we only have four Division Two games on tap, as the lone Division Three game -- Palm Beach at Indian River -- has been postponed until the new year. All Division Two games feature rematches from last month.
12/13/2012 11:21:09 AM
Predictions for Saturday, December 8th, 2012
Feeling quite proud of myself after a 6-1 showing last week, I must say. Only Palm Beach ruined my perfect weekend, but putting up 60-plus points on the road is quite the achievement, so congrats to them. Let's see if I can keep the momentum going this week as we have another seven games on the schedule, including a couple of real gems in Boca and Brevard. --The Sideline Whisperer
12/6/2012 12:10:39 PM
Predictions for Saturday, December 1st, 2012
A busy weekend of Florida rugby this week as Division 3 gets going with three matches on the schedule, while we also have four D2 matches, including a battle of the two undefeated sides in each of the divisions. Let's try and rebound here from my 2-2 outing before the Thanksgiving break.
Predictions for Saturday, November 17th, 2012
Well, off to a pretty good start last week with two games right and one game wrong. The Krewe/Jacksonville game has been postponed or forfeited or canceled, depending on who you’re talking to. My sources tell me Boca were impressive in the second half against the Tridents, expanding a small lead to a big one in the final 40 minutes, while Pelicans proved they can still win at home with a dominating performance against Daytona. In the other game, Fort Lauderdale improved to 2-0 with a win over Miami. But enough of last week, let’s get into this Saturday’s contests:
Predictions for Saturday, November 10th, 2012
Starting this week and throughout the South Matrix season, The Sideline Whisperer will be predicting the results of every men’s match* (no offense, women, but I don’t watch/hear about enough of your games to give a true opinion). Please don’t use these for gambling purposes, as obviously that’s illegal in the USA (sort of). These are all in good fun, and should thus be taken as such.

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