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This is the list of current championships we are following in Florida. Click for details.
  Friendlies 2021
  FRU Men D2/D3 2020-21
  FRU Men Divison 4
  FRU Men U23
  FRU Women D2
  FYRU U16 Boys
  FYRU U19 Boys 2021
Games for Friday, February 28, 2020
2 games to be played on this date for Florida Championships and friendlies.
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Orange County
  FCC Men 2019-20 | Matrix Game  | 7:00 PM | Ref: Gary Nation
       U of Central Florida (UCF)
     U of Florida (UF)
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Palm Beach County
  FCC Men 2019-20 | Matrix Game  | 7:00 PM | Ref: Fabrice Calmettes
       Florida Atlantic U [55]
     Florida Gulf U (FGCU) [0]
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