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WRugby in Florida
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Tampa Bay Krewe RFC

Jeff Herron 
Saturday, March 21, 2020 • 2:00 PM
Championship: FRU Men D2 2019-20 (Premier) • Florida Rugby Union
Tampa Bay Krewe RFC Okapi Wanderers Rugby
Referee: Not designated yet.
Okapi (South #4) @ Tampa (N/W #3)
Field: Skyview Park - Tampa
6203 Martindale Ave, Tampa - Hillsborough, FL  33611 • Map (*)
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Note: The information provided here is not official and is done to the best of our knowledge. May change at any time.

The Clubs
Tampa Bay Krewe RFC
Established 1991 - Tampa - Hillsborough
The Tampa Bay Area Krewe Rugby Football Club serves as the premier rugby club in the Tampa Bay Area. In 2009, the Krewe finished the season as Florida Cup Champions and the USA Rugby South Division II Champions. In 2010, the Krewe traveled to Glendale, Colorado and defeated Doylestown, PA to capture the USA Men's Rugby Division II National Championship. The Krewe returned to Glendale in 2011 to finish as runners-up for the Division II National Championship. In the fall of 2011 2011, the Krewe won the Florida Cup after defeating clubs from across the state at the All Florida Weekend Tournament in Tavares, Florida. The Tampa Bay Area Krewe RFC consists of the Division II side, an Old Boys/Social side, and is introducing its Tampa Bay Women's Krewe team this season. Our Club Sponsor is MacDinton's Irish Pub and Restaurant, located at 405 South Howard Avenue, which can be found in the Hyde Park/SoHo Avenue District of South Tampa.
Website: http://krewerugby.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2213260319/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/krewerugby
Practice: Men / Women teams Practice pitch 4719 E Regnas Ave Tampa, FL 33617 Tuesday / Thursday 7pm - 9pm
Contact: Jeffrey Herron - Match Secretary - matchsecretary@krewerugby.com - 813-226-7996
Okapi Wanderers Rugby
Established 2014 - Weston - Broward
Website: http://www.okapiwanderersrugby.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Okapi-Wanderers-Rugby/223410417826863
Twitter: @okapiwanderers
Practice: Practice Monday to friday 600 Tequesta Trace Park, Indian Trace Weston, FL 33326 Outfield B
Contact: Mariano Gallo - Info@okapiwanderersrugby.com - 954-870-4241


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Okapi Wanderers Rugby
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