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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for 2/11/2023
How the Darts Landed Week 2 (10-7) Overall (15-10).

Two big scoring games in the men’s college division with my picks being on the receiving end of the barrage. USF-UNF was a foregone conclusion, almost. Men’s D2 had the most surprises with a tie and Pelicans knocking off an undefeated Tridents. D4 shook out as expected, and one of my D3 picks was wrong because I guess I needed to light a fire under the rear end of the club located in the largest city in the state. I hope you all enjoy the commentary. It’s meant to be fun and it’s based on what I can see. If you don’t like it, do better!

Posted on 2/9/2023 2:18:05 PM






Tampa Bay Krewe RFC (29) Boca Raton Buccaneers (5)

Tampa doing just enough to keep winning matches but they'll need every bonus point they can take to keep it close between the Pelicans and the Hammerheads. Boca needs to find a way to score points, and fast, or else they might find themselves out of the playoffs.

Miami Rugby FC (15) Orlando Griffins RFC (19)

I've been knocking Orlando lately, but they proved me wrong last week. I'm backing the Griffins this week, even on the road. Miami raised a fracas over their match last week, citing referee issues in a tie over the Hammerheads. I say do better or take your 2 points and shut up.

Ft. Lauderdale Knights RFC (12) Bay Area Pelican RFC (42)

Another team that proved me wrong last week was Bay Area. If they can travel as well as they play at home, I can see them battling for a top spot in their division. Perhaps last week was a glimpse of the D2 final?

SWF Hammerheads RFC (15) Miami Tridents RFC (17)

I thought the Xplorer app was broken last week when checking the scores for the Tridents match. Only 8 points on the road seems like a bad omen for a second consecutive trip on the road against a SOUTH WEST FLORIDA squad that was short a few starters last week. SWF defense is great, but missed kicks might have the Hammerheads going belly up. I hope we can see some video from this game. I'd much rather watch any Florida match over 6 Nations, but no one likes to post film.


Brevard Old Red Eye RFC (35) Jacksonville RFC (10)

It looks like Jacksonville finally showed up last week, albeit just to beat up on little brother Daytona. Jax talked a lot of smack, but I don't think they can back it up against Brevard, who will probably finish number 2 behind Palm Beach in a "thrilling" D3 competition.

Sarasota Surge RFC (18) Daytona Beach Coconuts (6)

I resent picking Sarasota in this one. Why? Just from the massive amount of disciplinary issues I've seen from them in my short time in Florida. Now, if they provided film of all of their matches and showed some real cultural change, maybe then would I whistle a different tune. Go Nuts.


Tampa Bay Krewe RFC D4 (12) Eckerd Rugby (15)

The type of match I utterly despise. A good, young collegiate team, taking on grown men in an afterthought match. Not sure that Tampa has the numbers to field two complete sides, so they'll probably play their A side first to make sure they win and then start to ask guys to suit up again for this match. At least rugby will be played in this one, and I hope Eckerd goes undefeated with the effort they have been putting in to training, recruiting, and social media.

Lakeland Lancers RFC (33) Treasure Coast Armada RFC (10)

Lakeland has the benefit of being around two years longer than Treasure Coast, and perhaps has picked up a few more athletes. The Armada is sailing away for the second week in a row, a daunting task, especially for a D4 team. This one might get ugly.

St. Thomas (42) Ave Maria U (0)

St. Thomas almost snagged an inaugural win in a defensive nail biter last week. Can we call this one the Catholic Cup? Ave Maria will need a lot more than a few Hail Mary's if they want to stand a chance in this one. Winner gets absolved of any misconduct at the social.


U of North Florida (UNF) (12) U of Central Florida (UCF) (42)

Either I don't know much about Florida college rugby, this conference is extremely competitive, or both. UCF is coming off a Swiss cheese defensive performance but so far UNF is getting kicked around like Evan Haigh at every AGM. I like UCF's chances at bouncing back in this one.

Florida Atlantic U (35) U of Florida (UF) 1st XV (17)

FAU looked sharp in their dispatching of UCF and UF tore apart a shorthanded FIU side. Maybe this one plays out closer, but I tend to think home field advantage really does mean something in this state. Hard running from FAU athletes might be a bit much for the smaller and quicker Gators.

Florida Int. U (FIU) (21) Florida State U (FSU) 1st XV (22)

FSU picked up quite a few yellow cards in their last match. If they don't clean up their discipline, it'll be a long night in the 305. FSU probably gets off to a slow start after a long day of traveling, but I'm not sure FIU has had enough time to clean up the bumps and bruises they picked up in Gainesville.


Wellington Wizards U19 (10) Boca Raton Buccaneers U19 (27)

Boca is the only team to keep Okapi under 20 points this year, so perhaps their opening loss might not be much to worry about. Jordan Vassel and the big Bucaneers pack should look to dominate in this one. Wizards look skilled and well coached, but they can only make so much magic happen. Wellington hangs tight until the subs come on and then it will be all Boca.

Jacksonville Wolverines U19 (21) Okapi Wanderers U19 (43)

Point taken Jacksonville, I see you guys. Wolverines slashed through Tampa last weekend, but they'll have a tougher fight against the current number one team in the pool. I still think Okapi is the team to beat. Not only do they have the skills, but they have the depth, with jersey numbers in the 30's. Haven't seen much from the Mosi twins so far this season, let's see if they ramp it up as the season goes on.

Tampa Krewe U19 (10) Cardinal Gibbons U19 (35)

The Chiefs will be hitting the trail in an attempt to avenge a blowout loss at the hands of Okapi. Tampa appears to be low on the numbers side and might really start to struggle towards the end of the season when deeper teams get better. Gibbons has a chance to run away with this one if they travel well.

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