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The Sideline Whisperer

This site has been developed by Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez as a private venture.

All the information regarding games, tournaments, championships, clubs, teams, referees, etc. is done to the best of our abilities, but we cannot be responsible for any errors.

Although the site is not officially affiliated with any Rugby Union or institutioin, we try to collaborate as much as possible for the good of our sport in Florida.

About "Rugby in Florida"
Rugby Coach

We can probably agree that when it comes to rugby on the web in Florida, we just don't have good sources of information.

Most of the clubs websites (when they exist), are not updated very frecuently and normally can not keep pace with what is going on. The union websites have the same issue.

This is understandable because it takes a lot of effort and time, not only to develop the sites, but to keep them updated on a regular basis. Mmost of the times, a volunteer just does not have enough time to do all the upates or does not have the proper tools.

Rugby in Florida will be a website that aims to fill that void.

For players and fans, it will be the place to easily find out what is going on in the Florida Rugby world. The information will be available in diferent ways, either by county/city, by division, gender, etc.

We hope to get all clubs around the state interested enough to collaborate mainly providing information and in some cases making some updates on the information of their own clubs, teams, games, events. etc.

We are also seeking for ruggers interested in collaborating with the site on specific areas.

The site provides:

  • Updated and detailed information on clubs, teams, tournaments, games and everything related to rugby in Florida for all categories.
  • Game schedule and results for Florida Championships in all categories. Our goal is to publish game results on the same day the games are played.
  • Clubs and teams will be offered for a small monthly fee online tools to manage rosters, dues, communications and more.
  • Information related to how rugby is organized in Florida.
  • Articles on different aspects of rugby in Florida.
  • Interviews with coaches, officers, referees, players.
  • Information about Rugby in USA.
  • Links to all kinds of rugby resources.
  • A Facebook page and Twitter account are also part of the project.

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Club information:
The site will have complete information on Clubs and Teams from all around Florida. Club administrators will be able to keep this info updated. You may also view the teams by county, category and gender.

Look at the current list of Clubs that have confirmed their contact information. You may also view them by County. This is not the Teams listing. Each club can have more than one team in the same or different category. Clubs will be contacted for that matter soon.

Games and schedules
We will carry in detail games for the State Championship in all categories and friendly games that are played on any given weekend. Results and standings to be posted same day (with a little help from our referees) so everybody knows what happened in their division.

We will have a complete up to date listing of all referees in Florida and a short interview of each one so you get to know a little bit more about that person you call "sir" on the field.

Facebook page:
The Facebook page for the site is up and running and will function tightly with the website. We encorage everyboedy who is on Facebook to subscribe to the page.

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