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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for 2/18/2023
Once again I went 1/3 in the college men's games. Called a 1 point game for the FSU/FIU game so chalking that one up as a moral victory. Boca came through and picked up a win on the road against a quality Tampa team. Orlando almost picked up a road dub, wish I could watch that match! Clean sweep of D4 and high school matches this week. Let's see if I can keep the momentum going in those divisions. I went nuts when I saw the Daytona score. Hats off to them on their first win since moving up this year. It sounds like Sarasota is really trying to turn around their culture. I only go based off of what I see and hear so film AND post your matches if you want to showcase your product! Until then, if you don't like it, do better!

Posted on 2/16/2023 2:11:06 PM




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1 USF (26) FIU (18)

USF had a bye week, but I still think the theme for the college conference is Bulls on Parade. FIU eked out a walk off win against FSU at home, but again, we all know the struggles of traveling. Two great back lines square off against each other, so let's see who can get the edge in the forwards.

2 UNF (14) FAU (28)

FAU dropping the ball against the Gators ruined my percentage, but I'm hoping they don't disappoint this week, albeit it on the road. UNF backline won't be offering as much of a challenge as UF did, so all should go well for the Hooty Hoos if they can contain UNF #8.

3 UCF (33) FSU (26)

Well I knew it would be a one point game between FIU and FSU, and FSU got 2 yellow cards. Wrong result but still a good prediction. UCF beat the brakes off the Ospreys and will be looking to carry that momentum for their alumni weekend. FSU hangs tight but ultimately doesn't stand a chance.

FCC Women

4 UF W (34) Eckerd W (5)

The Sirens haven't had much of a chance to play in the spring and that lack of game time might lead to their downfall in Gainesville. UF women looking well organized and hungry to finish as the best of the rest. Kudos to both teams for dominating the social media game.

5 UCF W (110) FSU W (0)

I really hope UCF is focusing on development and getting their numbers up. If they are, I also hope a lot of new girls get on the pitch for this one. If UCF plays their starters for the whole match, this one might get bad.

FRU Men D2

6 Pelicans (42) Miami Rugby (14)

Pelicans are on a feeding frenzy right now, having only dropped their season opener to a Boca team that might be better than they've been playing. If the Pelis come through on the road, they can catch up some serious ground on the road to 1st place. Surprisingly enough, Miami, can also put themselves in playoff position with this match.

FRU Men D4

7 Claymores (24) Tallahassee (17)

Claymores looking sharp and Tallahassee has 1 match under their belt in the last two months. Tallahassee leaves the sequestered North with a small band of travelers and gets picked apart by the home team and their blazing fast wings.

8 Eckerd (65) Ave Maria (0)

WOOF WOOF. It's the dog of the week! Eckerd looking absolutely dominant in their division and picked up a nice win over Tampa D4 last week. Ave Maria? Bless their sacred heart.

FYRU U19 Boys

9 Tampa U19 (12) Key Biscayne U19 (42)

Rats run wild in this one. Tampa struggling with numbers and Key Biscayne looking to pick up what should be an easy 4 points in the standings. Rats are looking a little meatier this year. Perhaps the Ooze found it's way into the Key Biscayne aquifer.

10 Boca Raton U19 (17) Gibbons U19 (15)

It's the [insert sponsor name] match of the week! A rematch of last year's title fight with both teams looking to pick up a key win. This should be a tightly contested one. Giving the edge to a Boca team that looks like they play with just a bit more experience and knowledge than Gibbons. Chiefs still dominate the physicality aspect of the game, but I think the Bucs have enough big boys to match it.

11 Jacksonville U19 (35) Wellington U19 (10)

Jacksonville put up a valiant perfomance against title favorites Okapi. Look for them to defend their home turf a bit more rabidly this weekend. Strong runners in the centers for the Wolverines might be a bit much for Wellington that is looking a little undersized this year.

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