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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for 2.25.2023
Pending intro commentary.

Posted on 2/23/2023 10:23:06 AM






1  2/25/2023  FSU  (34)  FAU  (32)

Both of these teams have burned my percentage. Listening to my gut and picking the home team. FAU has some hard runners that I would hate to find myself in front of on a penalty. Owls used penalties to overcome the Ospreys last week, but FSU cleaned up their act against UCF, staying out of the bin for the first time all season. Close one, toss up. Should be exciting to watch.

2  2/25/2023  UCF  (26)  USF  (36)

UCF almost pulled the rabbit out the hat in the closing minutes last week. Look for a more dominant team in USF to not let the Knights keep it close. USF hitting their stride and playing like the most experienced team in the conference.

3  2/25/2023 UF  (42)  UNF  (25)

I was pulling hard for UNF last Saturday (even though I picked them to lose).  Ospreys provided quite the scintillating game, leading at halftime, putting up 4 tries for the first time all year and conversions away from their first win. UF beat FAU who beat UNF, so I'm just following the logical process for this one.

FRU Men D2 

4  2/25/2023  Ft. Lauderdale  (15)  Boca Raton  (22)

Boca can really do themselves a solid here with a win. There's no chance they catch the Tridents but they can create a nice sized gap between themselves and FTL for 2nd place. The only problem? They've picked up one measly bonus point in 6 matches. Conversely, FTL can take 2nd place if they can steal a win. I'm picking Boca by a try, but it might be closer (and lower scoring) than that.

5  2/25/2023  Tampa  (15)  Hammerheads  (29)

Hammerheads looking to bounce back from a beat down at the hands of the team everyone loves to hate. Tampa must be missing the mojo of last year, having fallen to 2-3 and likely missing the playoffs this year. Williamson (2/5) on conversions unless Krewe gives up easy ones under the posts.

6  2/25/2023  Pelicans  (42)  Orlando  (10)

Pelicans are hitting their stride late in the season, as all championship teams do. Orlando has shown some grit and by no means are they laying down this year. Both of these teams playing B side games is also nice to see.

7  2/25/2023  Miami Tridents  (58)  Miami Rugby  (15)

I like Miami RFC. They post videos of training on social media and they always look like they have a good crowd at the bar. I would play for them... if I still played. Unfortunately for them, it looks like the Miami Cup is staying with the Tridents who will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Hope the Bumblebees bounce back better, because they can easily take 2nd place in this division year in and year out.

FRU Men D3

8  2/25/2023  Brevard  (42)  Daytona  (10)

First round of this matchup saw Daytona limiting Brevard to 23 points. Championship teams get better as the season goes on, and I believe we will see that from the Red Eyes this weekend. Close contender for dog of the week, but Daytona beat Sarasota in the race for the wooden spoon.

9  2/25/2023  Palm Beach  (55)  Sarasota  (7)

WOOF WOOF, it's the Dog of the Week! Palm Beach has a 162 point diffrential this season. I expect that to go up a bit as Sarasota has to travel for the first time in a month. If Palm Beach plays their starters and keeps them on, this one is bound to get uglier than a monkey's armpit.

FRU Men D4

10  2/25/2023  Eckerd  (19)  St. Thomas  (12)

Last matchup was a 7-3 defensive bout with some fisticuffs. Hopefully the boys can stick to playing rugby this time around. Would be great to watch this match, especially with the bay providing an idyllic background. Excited to see where these two team can go in the next few years.

11  2/25/2023  Tallahassee  (14)  Lakeland  (12)

I'll pretty much always pick the home team in D4 matches just because typically these are teams that aren't well equipped to handle long travels. Lakeland thrashed Claymores, but that was a month ago. Sticking with a Tallahassee team that should be tasting blood in their mouth from last week.

12  2/25/2023  Okapi  (56)  Treasure Coast  (5 

I'm thinking Okapi pulls the double this year with a D4 and U19 championship. U19 probably has the harder road. Okapi breezes through this one. Maybe they start regularly playing Boca, FTL, and Miami? No reason south Florida rugby shouldn't be talked about nationally.

FRU Women D2

13  2/25/2023  Tampa W  (45)  Orlando W  (0 

Not a whole lot to say here. Hope Orlando keeps growing and bounces back next year. Keep on at it Tampa.

14  2/25/2023 Jacksonville W  (20)  Fort Miami  (12 

Going with the Sinners in this one but really these two teams can just rochambeau as to who wants to spend the money to take on Tampa in the finals.

FYRU U19 Boys 

15  2/25/2023  Boca Raton U19  (36)  Tampa U19  (7 

Boca came out hot against Gibbons last week, producing a chip and chase that had Charlee gushing. The magic didn't carry over to the second half and unfortunately it looks like Tampa will bear the brunt of a team looking for vengeance.

16  2/25/2023  Key Biscayne U19  (21)  Jacksonville U19  (19 

Jacksonville is looking formidable with some absolute units running wild in their backline. Key Biscayne is Key Biscayne, playing the most skillful rugby in this division. Should be a great match with big playoff implications, that ultimately goes the way of the home team.

17  2/25/2023  Okapi U19  (26)  Gibbons U19  (14 

A rematch of the season opener and potentially a preview of the finals? Chiefs have been on the war path since a beatdown at the hands of Okapi. Okapi has stayed dominant, even when they had to travel.

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