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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for March 3, 2018
Well, so much for me doing women’s games. Hope you enjoyed my brief foray into that side of things, but I guess some people take this column FAR too seriously. Maybe dismal was the wrong word, but this is meant to be some light-hearted entertainment, folks, not a serious piece of journalism. If you have enough free time to get this angry over something frivolous like this, find a hobby. --SW

Posted on 3/2/2018 8:14:11 AM





Men Division 2

Boca Raton (3-1-0) vs Miami Tridents (4-1-0) - We’ve been waiting a while for this doozy, and hopefully it lives up to expectations. Boca handily beat the Tridents in the preseason, but lost at Tampa last weekend. Luckily for Boca, the rest of their division is pretty weak, but a loss here could bring Fort Lauderdale back into the playoff picture. Tridents, meanwhile, can afford a loss at (4-1). I think Boca do enough at home to squeak this one. Boca Raton 27, Miami Tridents 23

Okapi Wanderers (0-6-0) vs Tampa Krewe (4-1-0) - A long trip for Krewe, but they’ll be buoyed after their nice home win over Boca last weekend. Okapi, meanwhile, continue to pile up the losses, although they give it their all every game. This is me being nice and not so dismal. Krewe 48, Okapi Wanderers 5

Naples (2-3-0) vs Fort Lauderdale (2-3-0) - The Hammerheads are pretty much done with four losses, but could still play spoiler here with a win that would also likely end the Knights’ campaign. Knowing how poorly FTL travel, who knows what kind of squad they’ll take over to the west coast. I like the men in green and white to win this one. Naples 33, Fort Lauderdale 17

Men Division 3

Sarasota (0-3-0) vs Daytona (0-2-0) - Neither of these winless teams are likely playing for anything at this point, with the top four looking reasonably comfortable at this point. Sarasota have been more disappointing so far, so I’ll go with the visitors here. Daytona 22, Sarasota 17

Bay Area Pelicans (3-0-0) vs Gainesville (3-1-0) - This might be the most intriguing matchup of the week. The Hogs will be very angry after losing at home to Palm Beach last week, but if they think they are going to coast past the improved Pelicans at their place, they might be in for a shock. I think they will still pull this one out on the road and keep that home field advantage in slot 2. Gainesville 30, Pelicans 20


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