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The Sideline Whisperer
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David Hedges
Born in United Kingdom. David is a grade C2 referee. He lives in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County.
You may contact him at 727 712 6264 or daveyhedges@aol.com.
Sir, may I ask you a question?
Updated on 9/3/2012 12:46:25 AM

Tell us a little about yourself: age, place of birth, current occupation.

—60 yrs young, Liverpool, England, Head Coach and part-time consultant

What is you background as a rugby player?

—1st started in the military at the age of 17, highest level playing 2 yrs, 1st team in Zambia, chosen to play for Germany against Fiji Army Touring.

Why did you decide to become a referee?

—Because I took up coaching (they belong together)

Did you have some kind of mentor?

—2, Werner and Mike in Germany

Do you remember your first game as a referee? How did it go? Any funny or special memory?

—Military game in Germany, the player reffed the game for me, I just had the whistle. Rugby Total, standing for the German National Anthem as Rugby Sport Director for the U19 World Games, as a Brit!

What was the most memorable screw up?

—Played too long, started coaching, reffing and rugby management too late!

Which is the one game you most remember of your career?

—Not reffing, lots of good times as a player/coach

How well do players and coaches in Florida know the laws of the game?

—Not as well as they should do.

What is your opinion in general of the attitude of players towards the referees in Florida?

—Not good, there is a lack of communication, before, during and after the game.

As a referee, have you made more friends or foes?

—It’s a great honor when the players shack your hand after the game, that counts.

Does being able to watch a game on video help you improve your skills?


What are the most rewardings aspects of being a referee? And the least?

—Best team won and the team didn’t lose because of the ref.

If you have had the opportunity to ref a match oversees, how was that experience?

—Done it, Language don’t count, just the law.

What would you tell a player to encourage him becoming a referee?

—Get a good friend as a mentor, preferably local.

Any final thoughts or comments about being a rugby referee?

—Talk to the player and talk to the coaches if required, we need them.


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